Ebon Annis

Card art for Heresy Research Labs game. Each character will have it’s own card to be used in the game. It takes fae legends and brings them into a dark apocalyptic world. With each of these I was given a rough description of the character and a thematic color associated with them. From there I developed the character’s image, how the description would work into it, and Heresy provided input along the way.


Ebon Annis is a folklore monster which eats children with her iron claws. She is a darkness magnet. A young pale figure that floats just high enough off the ground for her toe nails to carve a furrow. She absolutely exudes darkness and evil. Her thematic color is black.

The knee-jerk response for this, to me, would have been to simply make her have black hair, be coming out of the darkness, and just generally be a cliche. But I wanted to go the opposite route and show how pale she was (almost translucent) and contrast that with the red of the blood. Plus I wanted to really display her personality and nature by showing how much she loves her “occupation.” She’s enjoying it… is completely unapologetic… and that’s what makes her so frightening.

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