Inna’s Kitchen

For a family-run traditional Jewish cuisine restaurant/deli in New York.

This was a great story that made this worthwhile. The client was the son of Russian Jewish immigrants. He had gone to college, but decided to put his career on hold to help bring his mother’s dream to life. Which was their own family-run restaurant/deli serving traditional Jewish cuisine. They put their minds to it, got it off the ground, and had become successful. Enough so that they wanted to refresh their brand and plan on expanding to Amazon distribution. Truly the definition of the American Dream.

We incorporated a sketch that his great-grandfather used to draw with his mother of a swan. Even paying close attention to the motion of the strokes. This was part of their original branding as well, but with a new spin to it. As a whole I wanted to give the impression of an artisan establishment. All these dishes are handmade with traditional ingredients, and as they say, love. So we kept it natural and a little rough around the edges with handwritten style typography.