Spitting Jenny

Card art for Heresy Research Labs game. Each character will have it’s own card to be used in the game. It takes fae legends and brings them into a dark apocalyptic world. With each of these I was given a rough description of the character and a thematic color associated with them. From there I developed the character’s image, how the description would work into it, and Heresy provided input along the way.

Direction: “Jenny Greenteeth is a selkie-turned-human river faerie teaching kids not to play in water. She is a long and thin green girl. She hangs around in ditches, water under bridges, flowing sewers, and other wet places. Her thematic color is green.”

With Jenny I wanted to actually infuse her environment into her. She just doesn’t live in her watery environments. She is her watery environments. There’s plant life growing on her and in her hair. She’s also speckled like a frog, has webbed fingers, a second membrane on her eyes, gills on her neck, and teeth like a piranha.