Jack Rustfingers

Card art for Heresy Research Labs game. Each character will have it’s own card to be used in the game. It takes fae legends and brings them into a dark apocalyptic world. With each of these I was given a rough description of the character and a thematic color associated with them. From there I developed the character’s image, how the description would work into it, and Heresy provided input along the way.


Jack is a clockwork knocker who lives amongst a junkyard. His fingers are rusted like metal pipes and his left eye is a monocle with a clock face. His thematic color is rust.

With Jack I wanted to show him as an enigma in a way. You’re not sure if he’s on your side or not. He’s old and wise. But what are his agendas? I added the detail of the cigar to give him a little more personality. But the biggest challenge was to figure out how to incorporate his description in a way that seemed logical and at least believable in a fantasy setting. So he has a steampunk “robotic” arm pieced together from elements of the junkyard.

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