Licorice Pizza

For a cover band from California who play songs from the 70s to today. They contacted me and had the cool idea of paying homage to the band’s namesake, an old chain of record stores in Southern California. Licorice Pizza was a very well known regional chain that was later bought out by Sam Goodie in the 1980s. It gets its name from an old Abbott and Costello routine where they try to sell records, unsuccessfully, saying “Well we could sprinkle cornstarch on the bottom and sell them as Licorice Pizzas”. Since the copyright had run out they were free to use the name.

So taking inspiration from the original logo I modernized it a bit with a nod to its 70s roots. I have done period-inspired pieces and retro pieces before, but never the 1970s. So it was really fun working with a different mindset and approach to things. That’s most evident in the typography. Which I really like how the “i” in pizza forms the arm of a record player over the record. Just a really fun project.